Utility Bill Payment

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Pay your bills online

Pay your bills online

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No more queues at phone and power company offices. No more headaches due to late payment fees. No more worries of having your phone or electricity line cut-off because you forgot to drop off a cheque. The Electronic Bill Payment facility from IDBI cuts out the hassles you go through each month for paying your biils.

This bill payment service gives you the flexibility of viewing and paying your bills online. All you need to do enter your billing details in our Internet Banking, and then, start paying your utility bills, insurance premiums, etc, month on month, absolutely hassle-free. Click here to check out the list of billers to identify your utility service provider.

The Electronic Bill Payment contains:

  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment: This feature allows you to view and pay off all your bills online.
  • Electronic Bill Payment: This feature allows you to pay off all those bills appearing physically.
  • Bill Registration User Guide


Types of Bill Payments

We offer two types of bill payment services.

  • Electronic Bill Presentment: Under this type of bill payment, bills are presented to you online before you can make payment.
  • Electronic Bill Payment: This is for billers who accept payments without presenting a bill online.