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Go Mobile+ App (Android and iOS)

IDBI Bank's new “Go Mobile+” App greatly enhances the customer’s banking experience through an exciting and user friendly interface and also provides a wide range of features and services. The Mobile App gives a user, the flexibility to operate and transact on your account wherever you are and whenever you need it 24x7. A user can view their account statements or make a remittance on the go at their convenience, when at work or even while commuting. Personalize home screen, Checking the balance in your account, managing and scheduling utility bill payments, adding a top-up in your prepaid mobile phone or DTH account, paying Visa Credit Card bills or instantly transferring money from one bank account to another through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), Control on your Debit Card and requesting for cheque book and much more is now possible at the click of just a few buttons on your phone.

IDBI Bank uses sophisticated encryption technology to secure data transfer from your mobile phone to the Bank’s mobile banking server.

The following Key services can now be easily accessed from your mobile handset:

  • Accounts – Account Balance, Account Details, Mini-Statement and Account Statement
  • Demat – Demat Holdings and Transaction Details
  • Bill Payment Services – Presentment Billers (Add Biller, Pay Bill instantly or schedule)
  • Fund Transfer to Self and Third party a/c holder within the Bank
  • Fund Transfer to other Bank a/c holders through NEFT
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) – Instant Fund Transfer using IFS Code and Account Number or MMID and Mobile Number
  • Visa Card Payments – Pay Visa Credit Card Bills
  • IDBI Bank Credit Card – Pay IDBI Bank Credit Card Bills
  • Mobile Recharge – Recharge your prepaid mobile number for Talk time / data Pack
  • DTH Recharge - Recharge your DTH Account
  • Debit Card Control – Set Card On / Off, Set ATM / POS limit, International Usage On / Off and Hotlist Card
  • View and Manage your Credit Card 
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque Payment
  • Aadhaar Linking Request
  • Register for Email Account Statement

New UI & Personalized Features:

  • Swipe your finger on the card deck available on home screen to swivel and view other accounts balance or expand as per user preference
  • Personalize home screen with your Selfie or selecting an image from photo gallery
  • Apply theme of your choice from the current set of seasons
  • Customize the main page with frequently used Menu options. The remaining options will be automatically moved to the “More” button
  • Menu Tray at the bottom of all the screens gives you instant access to favourite menu options
  • Comprehensive range of account services available on the top right of the Card Deck in a drawer menu for each type of account

Additional features on Pre-Login Screen

  • Apply Now – Now you can apply for new savings account, Home Loan and several other products
  • Products – Get informed about latest products with the Bank
  • Interest Rates – Get yourself updated with the latest Rate of Interest within the Bank
  • Calculators – Calculation of your Loan EMI / Investment returns / Term deposit interest is just a click away
  • Contact us – Contact our 24*7 Phone Banking numbers from any Landline / Mobile Number
  • Locate us – Locating IDBI Bank ATM / Branch is easy now

Individuals / NRI / Sole proprietor / Minor operated by Natural Guardian, holding an account with the Bank are eligible for Mobile Banking service.

You can register for Mobile Banking through the following modes;

  • Net Banking
  • ATM channel
  • SMS - By sending Keywords: MBREG <SPACE><Cust ID> (Ex: MBREG 12345678) to 9560853000
  • Submit Channel Registration Form at the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

Existing Mobile Banking Registered users can directly download the new Go Mobile+ App and activate the App.

  • Search for ‘IDBI Bank Go Mobile+’ App on Google Play Store / Apple Store and Install the App.
  • Launch the App and click on ‘Activate App’. On input of your Cust ID and confirm, App will send an SMS from the phone to verify mobile number registered with the Bank. In case of dual SIM Phones, please ensure to select the SIM having mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • On successful mobile number verification, user will be prompted to set the desired MPIN.
  • On the login page enter your customer id and MPIN and follow the authentication process of activating using either Debit Card or Net Banking Credentials.
  • On successful validation, you will be logged in and will also receive a confirmation SMS.

You should have a GPRS / Wi-Fi enabled (internet connectivity) Smart phone with Android version 4.4 & above / iOS version 8 & above.

In case you have a dual SIM phone, ensure the bank registered mobile number is selected as the primary number and is active. In case you are still unable to register, remove the 2nd SIM card from the device and place the registered number's SIM in the primary slot of the phone to register.

Daily transactions limits are Rs.5,00,000 per day for Self A/c FT and Rs. 50,000/- per day cumulative for all other transaction types put together. {An option for User to set his own mobile banking limits (within bank approved range) and transaction / view access profile is being made available shortly in future upgrades.}

Self-Account Transfer Limit– – Rs 5,00,000/- Per day.

Global Transaction Limit (TPT / NEFT / IMPS / VISA Card / IDBI Card / Bill Payment / Recharge( Mobile & DTH) ) – Rs 50,000/- Per day.

You can transfer funds 24x7 and instantly through IMPS using IFSC & Account Number OR MMID & Mobile Number. You can also make NEFT fund transfer 24x7 however NEFT requests received after the cut off timing will be executed in the NEFT cycle of the next working day.

Payee will be active for transactions after completion of 1 hour cooling period from the time of registration.

Yes, all biller registrations / beneficiaries added on the existing I-Net banking channel will be visible on the mobile banking channel and vice versa.

You will have to download the application on your new handset and follow the steps mentioned above for activate App.

Visit nearest IDBI Bank Branch to update your new mobile number. On receiving confirmation SMS from the bank for Mobile Number updation, kindly click on ‘Activate App’ and follow the activation process as mentioned above.

If the mobile number in the handset does not match your registered mobile number, then the activation fails.

Register for Mobile Banking either online through Net Banking / ATM or by submitting the Channel Registration Form at the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

Simply re-login and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed. You can also check the Mini Statement of the account.

You can set a new MPIN by clicking on ‘Reset MPIN’. Steps for Reset MPIN are same as explained above to Activate App. Kindly ensure to select the SIM/Mobile number registered with the Bank, while activating or resetting MPIN.

While resetting MPIN, you need to activate using mobile number which is registered with the Bank.

You are locked for activation process and will not be allowed to proceed using Net Banking or Debit Card credentials. To unlock Activate App, please visit the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

No, you need to unblock/On your Debit Card (through Abhay / Net Banking) first and then use it for activation of app.

No, you cannot use this service without having a valid Debit Card or Net Banking access.

To unlock OTP transactions, user has to re-activate the App to enable transaction access.

No, you need not de-register the old mobile banking app to install & activate the new one. However you will be able to use both the applications simultaneously on same or different devices till further notice from the Bank.

If you have already registered for Go Mobile+ you can access Credit Card Services. The steps to access Credit Card services are as follows:

  • Login to ‘Go Mobile+ App’
  • Select ‘More’
  • Click on ‘Credit Card’ Icon

You can add Credit Card services as your preferred icon on the dashboard by selecting More > Settings > Personalize Menu.

Customer ID and 4 digit MPIN code set by you, will be required to login. Hence you are requested not to share MPIN and other confidential credentials to anyone, even if he / she claims to be a bank official. Five consecutive incorrect MPINs will lock the application from login. Three incorrect OTP will lock the user from transacting through this app. To unlock MPIN / OTP, user has to follow the Activate App process or contact the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

You can temporarily terminate this service by using ‘De-Register’ option available under Settings. The App can be reactivated any time by using ‘Activate App’. In case you want to permanently block or revoke permanent block then please visit the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

You will need to download the application again on your handset and complete the activate app steps as explained above.

Contact Toll free Customer care at 1800-209-4324 or 1800-22-1070 and provide your customer ID to permanently disable/lock your mobile banking App. In order to unlock the App, kindly visit the nearest IDBI Bank Branch. Once you activate the app on the new device, it will get deactivated for the previous handset.

You have to enter a 6 digit OTP (received via SMS) to confirm any transaction or registering a new Beneficiary. The confirmation screen will prompt the user to input OTP instead of a transaction password. The OTP will be valid for 3 minutes only (from the generated time) and for a single transaction / beneficiary registration.

An enhanced security feature in the form of a dynamic SMS based OTP (one-time password) for every transaction / beneficiary registration is in place to provide a more secure mobile banking experience. This feature replaces the static Transaction Password which most of us are used to while banking over the Internet.IDBI Bank uses sophisticated encryption technology to secure data transfer from your mobile phone to the Bank’s mobile banking server.

An enhanced security feature in the form of a dynamic SMS based OTP (one-time password) for every transaction / beneficiary registration is in place to provide a more secure mobile banking experience. This feature replaces the static Transaction Password which most of us are used to while banking over the Internet.IDBI Bank uses sophisticated encryption technology to secure data transfer from your mobile phone to the Bank’s mobile banking server.

  • Memorize your MPIN and do not write it anywhere.
  • Do not disclose your MPIN, OTP, etc. to anyone, not even to Bank staff.
  • Change your MPIN at regular intervals.
  • Don’t use obvious MPINs like year of birth, phone number etc.
  • Do not use "jailbroken" or "rooted" devices for Mobile banking.
  • Ensure to log out from Mobile Banking before closing the App.
  • Access Mobile Banking App on a secured wireless network.

In case user wants to block access to GO Mobile+, he/she needs to send an SMS : MBBLCK (custid) to 9560853000, from your registered mobile number. This will block access to GO Mobile+ application permanently. In case user wants to unblock his Mobile Banking again, a written request has to be submitted in the IDBI Bank Branch.

(SMS example: MBBLCK 88550491 to be sent on 9560853000 using mobile number registered in the bank records)

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