Systematic Savings Plan (SSP/SSP Plus)

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IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan-Plus (SSP+)

Principal Plus Interest Protection
Plus Complimentary Insurance Cover

Open your SSP+ in just One Minute


IDBI Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) helps you to add your savings at your complete convenience. With your regular incomes, you can start saving any fixed amount from 500 to less than 2 crore every month. The amount as decided by you will be deducted every month from your savings account.

The IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) Advantage
  • No charges for executing your standard instruction

IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan (SSP) Features

  • Pre-planned saving for a future goal
  • Regular savings for a certain period of time
  • The period of deposit can be from 1 year to 10 years
  • Deposit can be start with minimum amount of Rs. 500
IDBI Bank Systematic Savings Plan Plus (SSP Plus)

SSP Plus offers Regular Savings with Principal + Interest protection Plus Complimentary Insurance Cover.

The IDBI Bank SSP Plus Features

  • Complimentary Personal Accidental Insurance Cover upto Rs.5 lakhs
  • Minimum eligible Instalment Amount : Rs.5,000 and multiples of 100 thereof
  • Minimum eligible tenor : 3 years and completed quarters, Maximum : 10 Years
  • Can be availed by Individuals / HUF
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