RuPay Women's Debit Card

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IDBI Bank RuPay Women's
Debit Card

About The Card

  • Cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 40000/- and purchase at Point of Sale (POS) limit of Rs. 40000/- in a day.
  • 2 loyalty points for every Rs. 100 spent on the Debit Card

RuPay Platinum Chip Debit Card offers 2 free visits per calendar quarter at participating Airport Lounges.

Get Personal Concierge Services like Referral and Reservation assistance for Golf course, Car rentals/limousine, Hotels and Dining; Assistance in Flower & Gift Delivery, Courier Service, IT Return assessment and filing; Business Services; Investment & Insurance Consultancy on IDBI Bank RuPay Platinum Chip Debit Card.

Cash withdrawal limit of Rs. 40000/- and purchase at Point of Sale (POS) limit of Rs. 40000/- in a day.

RuPay Platinum Chip Debit Card can also be used for purchasing travel or movie tickets, paying your bills and much more.

RuPay Platinum Chip Debit Cardholders will get 2 loyalty points for every 100 purchase.

In addition to insurance cover of 1 Lakh for lost/stolen/Counterfeit cards, you can avail of following insurance covers:

  • Personal Accident cover (Death Only) - 5 Lakh
  • Loss of checked baggage -50, 000/-
  • Purchase protection -20,000/- for 90 days
  • Fire and burglary for household contents -50,000/-
$ Out of total Insurance being provided on RuPay Platinum Debit Card, Personal Accident Insurance Cover of 2 Lac (For Death and Permanent Disability), provided by NPCI, will be valid only if the card is used for transaction at ATM/POS /E-commerce at least once in 45 days prior to the date of the incidence”. Other terms and conditions (minimum of 2 purchase transactions using the Debit Card in last 3 months prior to the event date) will remain same.


Particulars Charges
Issuance Fees Rs.150/- + taxes
Annual Fees Rs.400/- + taxes
Add-on / Additional Card Rs.300/- + taxes
Replacement Rs.300/- + taxes
Repin(in case of Physical PIN request) Rs.50/- + taxes

*Fee depends upon SOF of Scheme code of account under which account is opened.

How To Apply

As RuPay Women's Debit Card are issued on the basis of account opening form, if you have not opted for card while opening the account and would like to avail the same, for further details

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