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Paper securities are passé. Enter the world of dematerialised shares, bonds and other securities. Convert your securities to dematerialised form with IDBI Bank Demat Account.

(IDBI is a Depository Participant registered with both National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL))

  • IDBI Bank Demat Account is one of the easiest, safest, and most convenient ways of storing your investments.
  • Now Open your Demat Account online without any charges.
  • Get comprehensive investment solutions, all under one roof. IDBI Bank Demat Account is ideal for Novice, Traders, Long term Investors too.
10 Reasons why you need to open a Demat Account?

A Demat account has become a necessity for all category of investors for the following:

  1. SEBI has made it compulsory for trades in all listed scrips to be settled in Demat mode.
  2. As per Ministry of Corporate Affairs notification dated September 10, 2018; it is mandatory for every unlisted public company to issue the securities in dematerialized form and facilitate dematerialization of all its existing securities. It is a safe and convenient way to hold securities compared to holding securities in physical form.
  3. Instantaneous transfer of securities enhances liquidity.
  4. It eliminates delays, thefts, interceptions and subsequent misuse of certificates.
  5. Change of address, registration of Power of Attorney – can be effected across companies by one single instruction to the DP.
  6. Any number of securities can be transferred / delivered with one delivery instruction. Therefore, paperwork and signing of multiple transfer forms is done away with.
  7. It facilitates taking loans / advances against securities.
  8. Immediate credits in case of any allotment in Non-cash corporate actions such as bonus, rights issues and IPOs.
  9. Multiple nomination facility available in Demat account. Maximum three nominees can be appointed.
  10. Get a flexible and customizable solution for buying and storing your investments in equity, mutual funds, IPOs, ETF Exchange Traded Funds - Gold & index, bonds, and NCDs.
Demat Accounts for NRIs

Our Demat Account offers you the following features:

  • Account Maintenance & Safe custody: Facilitates Maintaining Security Balance in electronic form
  • Dematerialization: Facilitates converting physical share certificate into electronic balances.
  • Rematerialisation: Facilitates converting the electronic balances to physical (share certificate) form.
  • Account Transfers: Facilitates delivery/receipt of electronic balances consequent to market / off-market trades.
  • Pledge/Hypothecation: Facilitates blocking securities balance of borrowers in favour of lenders for obtaining Loans / advances against shares.
  • Initial Public offer: Facilitates faster and direct credit of security balances into DP account on allotment through public issue of companies
  • Disbursement of corporate benefits: Facilitates faster and direct credit of security balance into DP account on account of non-monetary corporate benefits as bonus and rights issues.
  • Security Lending: Facilitates earning extra income on your dematerialized holdings by the way of securities lending.

A Demat account with IDBI provides you the following benefits:

  • Transact Anywhere: Now operate your Demat account from any of the 1800 plus Demat enabled branches of IDBI.
  • Statements by e-mail: Receive your account statement and bill by email.
  • Online Demat Statements: You can now view your Demat account details, statement of holdings, statement of transactions and statement of billing online.
  • NSDL e-Services: You can transfer or pledge/unpledge securities online anyplace, anytime.
  • Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request which cannot be processed.
  • trade@IDBICapital: In case you want an Online Trading Facility, you can have it with IDBI Capital Markets & Securities Limited. This service provides you with Online Trading A/c to give you a convenient and paper free trading experience.
  • Customer Care: You can now call our dedicated Customer Care and rest assured that all your queries are taken care of.
How to Apply
  • It can be opened online through Go Mobile + App or I-Net Banking.
  • You can download the Account opening forms from the website and submit them at any of our branches.
  • You can also visit our 1800 plus Demat enabled branches offering Demat service for opening the Demat Account
  • There is no fee for opening a DP account with IDBI Bank. However, a nominal fee towards services is levied as per our Demat SOF.
  • Age: Above 18 years
  • Valid PAN Linked with Aadhaar.
  • Valid Proof of address
  • Valid Email ID (to receive eCAS)
  • Valid Mobile number
  • A copy of RBI approval.
  • A duly attested copy of POA (Power of Attorney) or DDPI, if any
  • If account is opened by a POA holder, the signature verification of POA holder and a covering letter from the NRI for assigning POA to done along with signature attestation and an undertaking that as and when POA is revoked, it will be informed to the Bank in advance
  • A duly attested copy of POA or POA registration number given by the company must be given along with each DRF submitted by such NRI
  • Overseas address is mandatory in the account opening form
  • NRO Account can be opened simultaneously for the purpose of debiting the charges. A debit authorization should be submitted.
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