Loan against Property (Overdraft)

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IDBI Bank Loan against
Property (Overdraft)


We have designed the Loan against Property with overdraft facility to cater to the need of the business community for meeting their short term working Capital requirements. This Facility will provide the money that is required by the business community for Purchase/Stocking of raw materials, payment of salary, wages, etc and also for financing the gap between the supply of goods & payment of receipts thereafter.


Loan Purpose

Any productive purpose other speculative in nature.

Target Clientele

Self Employed Professionals(Merchants, Small & Medium Scale Manufacturers, Service Providers, etc.)
Self Employed Non Professionals(including Proprietor, Partnership Firm and closely held limited/ private limited company but excluding HUFs, Trusts, AOPs and NGOs).

Loan Amount

Up to Rs.10 Cr. Loan above Rs.10 Cr can be provided depending upon the merit of the proposal.  

Loan Tenure

Maximum tenor is 24 months (To be renewed every 12 months or lesser, at the discretion of the bank ).

Maximum Funding*

If the applicant is not existing Home Loan /Loan Against Property customer

Nature of the property: LTV
Residential : 70%
Non - residential : 60%

If the applicant is an existing Home Loan /Loan Against Property customer

Nature of the property: LTV
Residential : 75%
Non - residential : 65%

*Subjected to repayment capacity of the individual as assessed by IDBI Bank Ltd.

Processing Fees

Please refer to Schedule of Charges of Retail Assets.

The Following documents are required along with The Application Form to process your Loan Application.

Application form with photograph

Identity and Residence Proof

Latest Salary-slip for last 3 months

Form 16/ITR

Last 6 months bank statement

Property Related Documents

Note: The documents mentioned above are indicative in nature. IDBI Bank may ask for additional document if required during the processing of your loan application.


  • Primary : First Charge on the mortgaged property by way of equitable mortgage against which IDBI Bank has advanced the loan.
  • Collateral : Liquid Collaterals as required by The Bank selectively in the form of Pledge/Hypothecation and Assignment depending upon individual cases.
Other Charges

Attractive Interest Rates to Make
Your Loan Against Property (Overdraft) Affordable and Convenient

Schedule of charges and Terms & Conditions applicable on Loan Against Property (Overdraft)
Schedule Of Charges
How To Apply

Get a Loan against Property (Overdraft) in 3 easy steps.

01. Basic Details

Provide your basic details to help us know you better.

02. Check Eligibility

Determine your eligibility to get a Personal Loan.

03. Submit Documents

Documents such as residential proof, income and, employment details.