‘Abhay’- Instant, anywhere Card Control Application

IDBI Bank 'Abhay' is a revolutionary mobile app which empowers IDBI Bank customers' to gain personal control over their debit cards and safeguard them against any probable fraudulent activities on their debit card. You can now set preferred controls to match the desired usage of your debit cards instantly using your Smartphone.

Abhay Card Control App gives you the following controls:

/Unlock your Debit card

No more worries regarding your card getting misused without your knowledge. You can keep your Debit card turned OFF and turn it ON only when you want to use it. All this is possible instantly with a single touch.

Card Limits

You have the flexibility to set your own daily transaction limits for ATM and POS usage. For example, if your daily ATM withdrawal and POS usage limits are 25,000 each, then you can set your transaction limits as per your requirement within the prescribed limit.

Customizing Transactions

Depending on your requirement, you can also enable/disable your card for specific type of transactions- ATM or POS. For Example, if you do not wish to use your card for purchases, you can disable POS transactions by setting the POS limit to zero.

Keep track

No need to visit the branch/ATM to get the details of your recent transactions. You can view the last 5 transactions of your account instantly.
Available on Google Play Store. Coming soon on IOS.