Card to Card Transfer

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Pay any VISA Credit Card bills
using IDBI Bank’s
Card to Card
transfer service.

Card to Card Transfer

Welcome to world-class banking at IDBI Bank.

IDBI Bank in association with VISA bring to you Card to Card payment service - a simple, convenient, fast and secure method for paying your VISA Credit Card bills. All IDBI Bank Debit Card holders can avail this facility to pay bills of all Visa Credit Card issued by any bank in India.


Card to Card service comes packed with a host of features such as:

  • Payment can be made to any VISA Credit Card issued in India
  • Can be used by both VISA and MasterCard Debit Cardholders of IDBI Bank
  • Service can be accessed using ATM, Internet Banking or through the branch
  • Payment will be credited within 2-3 working days
  • Schedule recurring payments for a future date
  • Track your previous Credit Card bill payments


  • Cheaper, faster and more convenient than issuing cheques or paying over the counter
  • No geographical limitation within India
  • Payment method of your convenience (i-netbanking, ATM or branch)

Please Note

Only VISA Credit Card bills can be paid using this service. All IDBI Bank Debit Card holders (both VISA and MasterCard) can pay any VISA Credit Card bill using this service.