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Trade - Currency Futures
Contact for details at (91-22) (022) 6626 3880 / 6626 3845. OR email at treasury.etcf@idbi.co.in
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Trade - Currency Futures

IDBI Bank is a Professional Clearing Member (PCM) in the Equity Derivatives Segment on National Stock Exchange (SEBI Regn. No. INF231158835).

IDBI Bank is offering to clients Exchange Traded Currency Futures (ETCF) Facility to enable them to trade in Currency Futures on National Stock Exchange Ltd (TMID 13308 & SEBI Regn No.INE231330833), MCX Stock Exchange Ltd (TMID 1090 & SEBI Regn No.INE261357037) and United Stock Exchange of India Ltd (TMID T14087 & SEBI Regn No. INE271408739). Only persons resident in India viz. Individuals, Partnership Firms and Corporates including banks and financial institutions may purchase or sell Currency Futures.

Foreign exchange rates, like any other asset class move depending on various factors, like demand supply, interest rate parity, trade and capital flows, speculators taking positions, clients hedging risk arising from their trade and capital flows etc. Currency Futures were launched in India on August 29, 2008. ETCF Facility will complete the suite of instruments available for trading and hedging to the Indian resident. The strong correlation that foreign exchange has to interest rates, equity flows and commodities will translate into opportunities to trade currency futures independently or in conjunction with equities, commodities like gold or oil etc.

ETCF is a standardized foreign exchange derivative contract on a recognized stock exchange to buy or sell a standard quantity of one currency against another on a specified future date at a specified price. It allows clients to take a view on the movement of the exchange rate as well as hedge against currency risk. Clients can use Currency Futures as a trading, investing and hedging tool. At present USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR & JPY/INR contract lots of standard quantity are available for trading and cash settled in INR.

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Disclaimer: Currency Futures are subject to market risks. Please read the Risk Disclosure Document and Investor’ Rights and Obligations carefully before dealing in Currency Futures. IDBI Bank wishes to disclose that the bank may be engaged in dealing in Currency Futures for its proprietary book in addition to offering the product for the Client.

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