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IDBI Bank Super Savings Account


The Super Savings Account provides you a complete banking convenience and financial package to access your money with the ease. IDBI Bank offers you a range of savings account for optimal management of your money. With Account, you not only save your money but also make it grow.

Features and Benefits

  • MAB – Rs. 5000 (Metro & Urban), Rs. 2500 (Semi Urban), Rs. 500 (Rural)
  • International Debit cum ATM Card
  • Free five ATM transactions at other Bank ATMs at Non Metro Locations
  • Pass-book facility

Account Advantage

  • Faster transfer of funds
  • Online options to pay your bills or tax
  • Good options to grow money at attractive interest rates Instant Banking
  • International Debit Card
  • Demand drafts and Pay order
  • Easy Payments
  • Bank on the Move
  • Profit from your Account
  • Value Added Services
  • Travel and Gift Solutions

How To Apply

Get a Super Saving Account in 3 easy steps.

01. Get In Touch

Call on our Phone Banking numbers Toll Free -

(24x7 service)

02. Visit Our Branch

Visit the nearest branch.

Find the Nearest Branch
03. Receive a Call Back

Our representative will contact you at the earliest.


You need to maintain an Monthly Average Balance (MAB) of Rs. 5000 in the Super Savings Account for Metro & Urban Branches, Rs. 2500/- for semi urban Branches and Rs. 500/- for Rural Branches.

Interest @ 3% pa is applicable on the Super Savings Account.

When is interest credited to super saving account:Sb interest is credited quarterly.