RuPay PunGrain Card

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RuPay PunGrain Card

About The Card

  • Punjab Government’s initiative towards payment to Arthia.
  • PunGrain is a grain procurement project of Punjab Government launched in October 2012.
  • The Arthias are provided with a IDBI RuPay Pungrain Card under this account.
  • RuPay PunGrain Debit cards can be used at ATMs for cash withdrawal and for automated grain procurement facility at PunGrainmandis.


  • Use your card for shopping at over 5 lakh outlets in India
  • More Security Facilities to the customers


All Savings/Current account holders, who are farmers or people from the agricultural sector, with the bank are eligible to apply for this card.

How To Apply

As RuPay PunGrain Debit Card are issued on the basis of account opening form, if you have not opted for card while opening the account and would like to avail the same, for further details

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