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Personal Loan Rates | IDBI Bank Personal Loans

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To meet unexpected financial exigencies or come out of high priced Credit Cards funds, you can avail IDBI Bank’s Personal Loan. Be it a marriage in family, renovation of house, meeting urgent educational / hospitalization expenses or travel abroad At times, personal Loan comes handy while arranging for Earnest Money to apply for a Plot / House, or to manage Margin Money funding to avail of a Home Loan / Loan Against Property.

Personal Loan from IDBI Bank is targeted to the Salaried Individuals , Self Employed Professionals (SEPs), Non Professionals (SENP) & Pensioners (SENP)

Following are the variants of Personal Loan:
    Bullet Personal loan to Salaried Individuals, Self Employed Professionals (SEPs), Selp Employed Non Professional (SENP) & Pensioners
    Bullet Salary Account with In-built Overdraft facility
    Bullet Pension Account with in-built Overdraft facility to Pensioners of IDBI Bank Ltd

The IDBI Bank Personal Loan Features -

Personal Loan from IDBI Bank is targeted to the Salaried Individuals , Self Employed Professionals (SEPs), Non Professionals (SENP) & Pensioners

Sr No.


  1. Salaried/Pensioner:
  1. Self Employed Professional/ Non Professional:



  1. All salaried/Pensioner customer having corporate salary account /Pension account with IDBI Bank.
  2. All Confirmed/permanent employees of State/ Central/ PSU/ Departments, Multi National Companies, Listed Companies, Reputed Pvt Ltd Companies with or without existing relationship with IDBI Bank.

Self Employed Professional/Non Professional having Asset/Liability relationship with IDBI Bank


Minimum Net Salary/ Income

For Salaried class :-
Minimum Annual Net Income (ANI) of Rs. 1,80,000/- p.a

For SEP Borrower :-
Minimum Annual Business Income of Rs.  3,60,000/- p.a

For SENP Borrower :-
Minimum Annual Business Income of Rs 5,00,000/- p.a



Salaried/ Self Employed and Professionals :
Minimum age : 21 Years.
Maximum age at termination of loan should not be above 60 years or date of retirement, whichever is earlier.
Pensioners/ Family Pensioners:
Maximum age : 75 years (at the date of maturity of loan amount)



Minimum : 12 Months
Maximum : 60 Months


Maximum Loan Amount

For Salaried & SEP/SENP
Minimum: Rs 50,000/-
Maximum: Rs 10,00,000/-

Minimum: Rs 25,000/-
Maximum: Rs 5,00,000/-


Prepayment / foreclosure charges

a) Prepayment / foreclosure of Personal loan after six months of disbursals may be allowed without pre payment Charge.
b) Prepayment / foreclosure if sought before 6 months from disbursal date, a charge @ 2% of the outstanding loan amount is to be levied.
Part pre-payment : Part pre-payment is allowed on the basis of above conditions (a&b). However, in such cases, no further personal loan will be sanctioned to the borrower for 12 months from the date of making the part pre-payment.


Top up loan

The existing loan account holders with minimum 12 months and with clear repayment track record will be eligible for top up loan facility.



The borrowers will be covered under Free Personal Accident insurance cover.



Other Personal Loan products are as follows:

Sr. No


 Salary Account with
in- built overdraft facility

Overdraft facility for Pensioners of IDBI Bank Ltd



Permanent Employee, with a minimum one year of continuous service of the below mentioned Organizations /Companies :

  • Govt./Semi-Govt./Quasi Govt.
  • Public Ltd Co.
  • Private Ltd Co.
  • Multinational Co.
  • Reputed Institutions
  • Any Corporate approved by CGM of the Zone

This facility is extended to customers maintaining their pension account with IDBI Bank Ltd.



Minimum Age – 22 years
Maximum Age – 58 years

Should not exceed 75 years.



Salaried customers maintaining salary accounts with IDBI Bank




The overdraft facility would be valid for 2 years; renewable every two years.

The overdraft facility would be valid for 1 year; renewable every year.


Maximum Limit

Five times of net salary (based on previous six months average salary)

To be computed at five times the monthly net pension.

Note:- Third- party Guarantee required for Personal Loans to Pensioners

Rate of interest:   Click here for latest rate of interest.

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