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Notice to Credit Card Holders

June 20, 2020

Notice to Credit Card Holders
Dear Customers,

The following changes in the Credit Card Variants stand revised with effect from August 1, 2020.

1. Redemption of Delight Points
The following Minimum Delight point requirement criteria would be applicable for redemption of Delight point's effective 1st August 2020, for individual redemption request.

  • Cashback redemption request: Minimum 4,000 Delight Points.
  • All other redemption request: Minimum 1,000 Delight Points.

2. Revision of Fees & Charges


Charges Type

Existing Charges

Revised Charges


Cash Advance Fee:

2.5% of Transaction Amount or Rs.300/-, whichever is higher

2.5% of Transaction Amount or Rs.500/-, whichever is higher


Late Payment Charges (per occasion, based on amount due):

Less Than Rs. 100- NIL
Rs.100 to 500- Rs. 100
Rs.501 to 5000- Rs. 400
Rs.5001 to 20K- Rs. 500
>= Rs.20001 - Rs.750

Less Than Rs. 100- NIL
Rs. 100 to 500- Rs. 100
Rs. 501 to 5000- Rs. 400
Rs. 5001 to 10K- Rs. 500
Rs. 10001 to 20K- Rs.750
>=Rs.20001- Rs. 950


Return of Cheque/ Auto Debit Return Fee:


Rs. 500/-


Outstation Cheque processing fee:

Up to Rs. 5000, fee will be Rs.25/-
Above Rs. 5000, fee will be Rs.50/-



Cash processing fee:

Rs. 100/-

Rs. 200/-


Duplicate statement request:

Rs. 100/-

Duplicate E-Statement Request: Nil
Duplicate Physical Statement :
Rs. 100/- per month (more than 03 months old)


Charge slip /Charge back request:

Rs. 125/-



Limit Enhancement/ Card Upgrade/ Card Downgrade:

Rs. 100/-



Balance Transfer processing Fee:

For Winnings card variant, a BT processing Fee of 1.5% of BT amount or Rs. 99/- whichever is higher is charged.

A BT processing Fee of 1.5% of BT amount or Rs. 199/- whichever is higher will be charged.

  • No changes in other charges, if not mentioned above.
  • All charges are exclusive of GST.
All other applicable terms and conditions remain unaltered.

General Manager
Retail Banking Group

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