Home Loan Interest Saver

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Ever head of a Home Loan that
shares your Interest Burden?

Presenting Home Loan Interest Saver from IDBI Bank


You can decide what amount you want to pay for your Home Loan interest. The Product facilitates you to save the interest cost and repay the loan much faster.

Advantage: Home Loan Interest Saver
  • Use the Flexi Current Account to deposit your excess savings, annual bonus etc. You will have the flexibility to withdraw the idle/surplus money deposited in Flexi Current Account at any point of time
  • Just deposit these funds into your Flexi Current Account and enjoy interest saving on your home loan to the extent deposited.
  • The Flexi Current Account can be used like a normal current account and you will be provided with a cheque book and an ATM Card. You will also have access to our online banking portal and our entire gamut of banking facilities

Home Loan Interest Saver provides you the facility of linking your Home Loan account with the Flexi Current Account (The interest liability of your home loan comes down to the extent of surplus funds parked in the operative current account. You will be allowed to withdraw or deposit funds from this operative current account as and when required. Interest on Home loans will be calculated on outstanding balance of loan minus balance in the Current Account based on EOD balance.