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Q:   What is a IDBI FASTag? and what are its benefits ?
Ans: It is a 10x 5 cm, rectangle shape, multi layered tag, which is made out of good quality paper, containing chip and antenna inside its layers, it is pasted on the wind screen of the vehicle, and through Radio frequency identification method, the information is read at the toll plaza from the tag. It gives convenience and ease while going through toll plaza to the customer along with saving time, fuel and money.

Q: What is 1st December’19 mandate?
Ans: From 1st December all lane at National Highway toll plaza will be declared as dedicated FASTag Lane. Non -FASTag users will be charged double the fee if they pass through FASTag lanes.

One Hybrid lane (Cash + FASTag) will be allowed at each toll plaza to facilitate Oversized vehicles

One Hybrid lane (Cash + FASTag) will be allowed at each toll plaza to facilitate Oversized vehicles

Q:  List of toll plazas in our country to avail this facility?
Ans: Attached as Annexure-B List of Toll Plazas. The list can also be downloaded from NPCI Website using the link (https://www.npci.org.in/netc)

Q:  How can I get a IDBI FASTag? What are the documents required, from where I can get the Tag?
Ans: A customer can either apply online via link provided at IDBI Bank website i.e. www.idbibank.in or apply offline by approaching our any Branch of IDBI Bank and/or any POS location in the country (attached as annexure-B), and with valid KYC documents and vehicle RC copy along with the originals for verifications purposes, (attached annexure-C), the customer can open his/her account in two categories:

  • I. Limited KYC holder’s account, at any given point of time, this type of IDBI FASTag account cannot have more than Rs. 10,000/- in their FASTag (Prepaid) account. The monthly reload limit is also capped to Rs. 10,000/-.
  • II. Full KYC Holders account, at any given point of time, this type of IDBI FASTag account cannot have more than Rs. 1 Lakh in their FASTag (prepaid) account. There is no monthly reload cap in this account.

Q: What are the documents required to avail a IDBI FASTag?
Ans: The documents required are based on type of KYC opted by the user and thus divided into two parts:

  • Limited KYC holder’s account: RC copy of the vehicle, ID and address proof (list attached). Photo of the customer
  • Full KYC Holders account: RC Copy of the vehicle, ID and address proof (list attached), Photo of the Customer,

Q: What are the features of IDBI FASTag?
Ans: A customer may create personnel Tag account by registering online, and can have the facility of topping up the FASTag account through online modes i.e credit card, debit card, internet banking etc. The customer can also view and download history of past transactions, available balance in the account etc.

Q: What is the validity of the IDBI FASTag?
Ans: The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, you only need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your usage

Q: What if my IDBI FASTag is debited twice at the toll plaza
Ans: We request you to kindly contact the IDBI bank customer service desk to report the double deduction issue. They will review your complaint and based on its merit, raise a chargeback for the duplicate transaction.

Q: What if I sell/ transfer my car?
Ans: In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, we would request you to inform your issuing bank about the same and close the account.

Q: What if the FASTag gets damaged?
Ans: The vehicle owner/ user could approach the Issuer Agency for replacement of FASTag.

Q: What if the vehicle owner/ user has a grievance?
Ans : The primary point of contact for the vehicle owner/ user is the Bank Customer Care i.e. IHMCL can be approached as the next escalation level

Q: What if, the tag is not read at the toll plaza
Ans: The below given are the scenarios and their possible solutions:

  • In case the tag reader of the plaza is not working, the customer may pay the toll in cash and can pass through the toll plaza.
  • In case, the tag is not pasted correctly on the vehicle or not readable by the reader at the toll plaza, wherein the other vehicle tags are easily being read by the toll plaza:
  • The customer may request the toll plaza owner to use the hand handled device to read the tag and can pass through the toll plaza.
  • The customer may pay the toll in cash and can pass through.
  • After that, the customer may approach the seller and to inform the issue
  • The customer may call the customer care and inform the issue, the customer care will take up the issue with the Banks Point of Sale holder to approach the customer and resolve the issue free of cost.

Q: What if the RFID Tag balance goes below the minimum required balance in the tag?
Ans: The customer can approach either any point of sale location of the Bank or use online services i.e internet banking, customer portal, provided by the Bank to top up the customer wallet

Q: What is the technology involved in IDBI FASTag?
Ans: Radio frequency identification (RFID)

Q: Can IDBI FASTag be used outside India?
Ans: No.

Q: Can somebody scan the IDBI FASTag from outside and do away with my money?
Ans: No

Q: How to surrender the Tag
Ans: The Tag holder shall give a written request for cancellation/surrender/closure of the Tag along with the Existing Tag. In case, the existing tag is damaged, the customer shall surrender the damaged tag. New tag will be issued to the customer after charging a fees of the new Tag. In case of the death of the customer, Legal heirs of the customer may claim the refund of the Tag amount after producing death certificate and other relevant documents.

Q: What are the risks associated with IDBI FASTag.
Ans: There are some scenarios given below:

  • In case of Loss/Stolen of the Vehicle, the IDBI FASTag holders should immediately lodge an FIR in the local police station and should be able to produce the relevant documents to the Bank. The Tag holder should immediately notify the Contact Centre regarding the loss of the Tag. The Contact Centre will ask for certain information about the Tag holder and arrange for blocking the Tag to ensure that it is blocked/ not used fraudulently by any person. The Bank/service provider of the Bank will not be liable for any financial loss arising out of unauthorized use of the Tag till such time the Bank blocks the Tag (disabling the utilization of the Tag). The Customer should always keep a separate note of his/her IDBI FASTag number, necessary information and the associated account number in a place readily accessible after purchase of the IDBI FASTag.
  • The Bank and its service provider shall not be liable for any loss/inconvenience caused by a technical breakdown of the payment system. The IDBI FASTag is the property of the Bank and will be returned by the Cardholder unconditionally and immediately to the bank/service provider upon request by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to cancel the IDBI FASTag and stop its operations unilaterally without assigning any reason. The decision of the Bank is conclusive and binding upon the Tag holder. The IDBI FASTag is non-transferable.

Q: What is the process flow, in case of dispute at the toll plaza.
Ans: In case the plaza is not working, the customer will call customer care, Customer care representative will advise the customer to pay the toll in cash and will escalate the matter with NPCI for the particular toll plaza. In case the customer tag is faulty or not being read at the plaza, the customer may call up the help desk, help desk will advise the customer to pay the toll in cash, and will escalate the matter with the respective channel partner and its POS holder. The PoS holder will call the customer and will replace the Tag without any cost.

Q: Will I be getting rewards points on topping up of IDBI FASTag through IDBI Debit Cards
Ans: Yes, as per the existing eligibility of the customer.

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