Phone Banking FAQ

24 hour phone banking queries-IDBI Bank Phone banking FAQ's

Phone Banking is a telephone banking service that gives information about your accounts on a 24*7 basis from anywhere, at any time. It provides effective Resolution of customer queries, complaints and certain requests without visiting branch Channel. It also provides you with information about other products and services of the Bank. Phone banking service may be availed through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or manually assisted through Phone banking Executives. IVR mode is a self-service option for customers to access their Banking account details, using their Customer ID and Telephone Personal Identification Number (T-PIN).

After account is opened, to avail phone Banking services customers can call Phone Banking and generate their 4-digit Telephone Identification Number (TIN) through Phone Banking executives. The TPIN needs to be changed during first time usage. The TPIN generated through Call Centre will have enquiry access only. For availing transaction requests through Phone Banking such as Funds transfer, Bill payment, Stop Payment requests, FD, DD Request, customer needs to visit branch and submit Financial access form. The form is to be forwarded to CPU for enabling FIN access in finacle. Once the flagging is done in Finacle, customer will get access to both enquiry and financial transaction requests through Phone Banking.

#Pls note, online TPIN through Phone Banking can be generated only for accounts eligible for Phone Banking services.

Following  accounts are not eligible for Phone Banking services

  • Minors
  • Jointly operated accounts (where both signatures are required for operation)
  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  • NGOs
  • Co-operative Banks
  • Clubs, societies, associations, trusts, etc.

Customer Id and your 4-digit TPIN is all that you need to access your account and avail Phone Banking services. 

  • Dial our Toll Free Phone Banking numbers. After the welcome message, select the relevant menu option of your choice to avail services through Phone Banking Channel.
  • Enter your Customer ID and TPIN if you want to access your account through Self banking Option without speaking to a customer service executive. On Authentication, IVR system checks customer type & access level and allows appropriate options
  • Incase a customer does not authenticates with his customer id and Tpin, details are provided through manual verification conducted by agents. However there are certain requests which cannot be processed without customer authentication on IVR.
  • To avail financial requests through Phone Banking, customer authentication is mandatory.
  • At any stage select 9 to speak to Phone Banking executive.
  • As per the selection either the call is transferred to agents who will provide the relevant information to the customer.
  • Balance Information and Last 5 Account transaction details- Information available on IVR and through Phone Banking Executive
  • Funds in clearing- Information available on IVR and through Phone Banking Executive
  • Status of cheque deposited- Information available on IVR and through Phone Banking Executive
  • Cheque book request- Available through IVR and Phone Banking Executive. The requests are accessed by CPU staff to process the cheque book requests
  • Stop payment on cheque**- Available through IVR. The customer will be able to give stop payment instruction only through the IVR for a single cheque at one time. No charges applicable. Phone Banking Executive does not have access to stop a cheque
  • Report loss of debit card- Blocking of Card can be done by agents only
  • Dial a draft**- (available during office hours) this facility will be available through Phone Bankers only
  • Funds Transfer**- The following type of funds transfers will be available online through the IVR only.
    a. Transfer between accounts linked to the same customer ID
    Funds transfer to a registered NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) payee’s account. NEFT payees need to be registered through Internet Banking
    Daily limit of Rs. 25,000/- for funds transfers and bill payment (both separate limit of 25000 each) and maximum number of transactions allowed will be 3 per day.
  • Bill payment**- This facility is available through IVR only.( Customer needs to register either through internet banking or by filling up the Bill payment application form. Bills can be paid for MTNL, BSES, Vodafone, Airtel and many more. ) Daily limit of bill payment is Rs. 25000 per day.
  • Open new Fixed Deposit / give maturity instructions on existing Fixed Deposits (available during office hours) **- This facility is available through Phone Bankers only. Confirmation of Deposit (COD) will be sent to the mailing address only.
  • On line TIN generation- This facility will be available only for individuals and sole proprietorships with mode of operation as single or any one. Phone banking officer will conduct manual verifications and as conference the call with the IVR to generate the T-PIN online.
    The T-PIN so generated will have enquiry access only.
    Should the customer require financial access, he is required to fill up the "Application for Financial Transactions" through phone banking.
  • On line T-PIN regeneration - This facility will be available only for individuals and sole proprietorships with mode of operation as single or any one. This facility is particularly for customers who have forgotten their T-PIN.
    Online T-PIN regeneration will be available for customers having ENQ (Enquiry Mode) access rights only. Phone banking Executive will conduct manual verifications and conference the call with the IVR to generate the TIN online. For customers with Financial access Tpin regeneration, will be done through form submission at branch only, call centre cannot regenerate Tpin for these customers.
  • Other services- Customers can even customize/prioritize their phone banking menu based on their preferences and the services they require the most. Through the option My IVR, this is a unique facility offered through our Phone Banking facility.
  • Demat and Loan Product services are also available through Phone Banking
    ** Financial access required
    Note:- Customer will be charged draft charges as per schedule of Service Charges. Courier charges of will also be applicable. The draft will be delivered to the customer’s mailing address.
    Requests taken before 1 pm will be delivered the same day (within Mumbai limits), after 1 pm,on the next working day. In case the mailing address is outside Mumbai limits, the draft will be delivered the next working day.