Gift Card FAQ

FAQ's about gift card -IDBI Bank gift card FAQ's

A Gift Card is a card which you purchase from IDBI and then gift it to someone giving him/her the freedom to use that card to purchase gifts of his/her choice. This Card can be used to make purchases at over 9 lac merchant establishments in India that accept Visa Cards. It can also be used more than once, which means the person you are gifting to does not have to utilize the value on the card in one go and can keep making purchases on the card till the specified rupee amount has been spent. This card is available in denominations starting from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 and is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of production of card, which is marked on the face of the card. The Gift Card is not reloadable.

All you need to do is walk into an IDBI branch, fill out a simple application form, deposit the amount to be loaded onto the card and collect your Gift Card pack instantly.

  • Present the card to the merchant, after selecting your  purchases
  • The Merchant will swipe your card through and electronic terminal and enter the amount of your  purchase
  • On approval, the terminal will print out a transaction slip with all the details of the purchase
  • Check the slip and sign at the appropriate place. The merchant will return a copy of the transaction slip and your card
  • Before you leave, please ensure that you have collected your own card.

You can walk into any IDBI ATM, insert your card, enter your PIN and do a Balance Enquiry to find out the balance remaining on your card. You can also request for a mini statement, which will give you details of the last 10 transactions on your card.

All you need to do is call up our 24-hour toll free number 1-800-22-6999, quote your Gift Card Reference Number. Your card will be deactivated immediately to prevent misuse.

Please note that no replacement cards will be issued. Any unutilized balance remaining on the card will be returned to the original purchaser of the GiftCard. For MTNL / BSNL Customers call: 1800-22-1070 and for Other Customers call: 1800-209-4324.

  • Your card is only for your use. Please do not hand it over to anybody other than designated officers of the Bank
  • Always sign the signature panel on the reverse of your card as soon as your receive it
  • Report the loss/theft/damage of the card immediately to our Phone Banking Centre 1-800-22-6999. For MTNL / BSNL Customers call: 1800-22-1070 and for Other Customers call: 1800-209-4324.