Gift Card FAQ

FAQ's about gift card -IDBI Bank gift card FAQ's
  • Gift card is the non-reloadable prepaid card.
  • Perfect gifting solution that provides freedom of choosing gifts.
  • Flexibility of use - Spend the amount in any number of transactions within the validity period of the card.
  • Loading Limits
    Minimum Loading– Rs.500
    Maximum Loading – Rs.10,000
  • Validity: 2 years from the date of production of card.

Your Gift Card kit will consist of the following:

  • Gift Card along with welcome letter.
  • Gift Card account reference account number and Customer ID
  • Terms and Conditions

You don’t have to be an IDBI Account holder to purchase this card. All you need to do is walk into an IDBI branch, fill out a simple application form, Pay the amount to be loaded into the card and collect your Gift Card pack instantly.

IDBI Bank Customer – No additional KYC required.

Non- IDBI Bank Customer – Full KYC needs to be submitted along with the application form.

  • Issuance Fee: Rs. 100/- + GST @ 18% Per Card
  • POS transaction.
  • E-Commerce transaction.
  • Contactless ( Paywave) transaction.

You can walk into any IDBI ATM, insert your card, enter your PIN and do a Balance Enquiry to find out the balance remaining on your card. You can also request for a mini statement, which will give you details of the last 10 transactions on your card.

All you need to do is call up our 24-hour toll free number 1800-22-6999, quote your Gift Card Reference Number (account number). Your card will be deactivated immediately to prevent misuse. For more enquiries on Card may be asked on toll free number 1800-209-4324.

  • Your card is only for your use. Please do not hand it over to anybody other than designated officers of the Bank
  • Always sign the signature panel on the reverse of your card as soon as your receive it.
  • Report the loss/theft/damage of the card immediately to our Phone Banking Centre 1-800-22-6999.
  • Please do not disclose your PIN to anybody and make sure that you never keep your Gift Card and PIN together.
  • Please memorize your PIN and destroy the enclosed PIN mailer.

As per PPI guidelines issued by RBI, for Gift cards Cash-out or refund or funds transfer shall not be permitted.

After Expiry of a Gift Card, if an unspent balance is remaining in the card than the gift card may be revalidated through issuance of new Gift Card.

  • Daily Purchase limit is Rs.10,000
  • Cash Withdrawal is not allowed
  • Fund Transfer is not allowed
  • Contact to branch.
  • Get your mobile number updated with Gift card customer ID.
  • Generate the Green PIN through IDBI Bank ATM or IVR.