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Contactless Debit Cards
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Contactless Debit Card

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Contactless Debit Cards: Faster than ever

No more queues, no more swipes, just wave to pay.

IDBI Bank gives a new dimension to its usage of debit cards with the launch of ContactlessCards - a convenient, secureand ease of use debit card that takes half the time to complete a transaction than its traditional counterpart.

What is a Contactless Card?

Contactless cardis a sensor embeddednew age debit card that works on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology using radio transmission to ascertain contact when the card is brought near a terminal. This enables the customers to make payments up to 2,000 without swiping or dipping their cards.

How do I use the Contactless Card?

Tap and make payments in four simple steps –

  1. Look out for contactless symbol and Visa PayWave logo on POS Terminal.

  2. Verify the transaction amount displayed on contactless terminal.

  3. Once it echoes a beep sound and/or blue light blinks on the terminal wave/tap your card at contactless POS Terminal.

  4. Terminal will beep and/or display four green lights and the payment is done.

How secure is my Contactless Card?

Contactless cards are very secure as the card never leaves your hand. Customers can tap or wave the card at the POS machine without having to enter the PIN. The contactless logo will be visible on all contactless cards as well as point of sale (POS) terminals enabled by NFC technology adding to card safety.

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