Portfolio Investment Scheme

Rupee Yield Enhancer (Forward Foreign Exchange Contract on FCNR (B) Deposit)

Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) - IDBI Bank Portfolio Investment Scheme

Portfolio Investment Scheme is an RBI designated mandatory route for NRIs/PIOs to invest in secondary stock market in India.

Through IDBI Bank Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS), NRIs can purchase/sell shares and convertible debentures of Indian Companies on a recognised stock exchange by routing such purchase/sale transactions through their account with a Designated IDBI Bank Branch.

Services offered by IDBI Bank under Portfolio Investment Services

  • Issuance of PIS Permission letter on behalf of Reserve Bank of India

  • Handle mandatory reporting of PIS transactions to Reserve Bank of India

  • Computation and deduction of Capital Gains Tax

  • Payment of the above taxes to Income Tax authorities

  • Issuance of TDS Certificate

  • Easy transfer of funds between accounts for smooth operations

  • Internet banking facility to access your account from anywhere and anytime

Portfolio Investment scheme (PIS) Account opening form


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