New Pension System - Swavalambhan Scheme

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New Pension System -
Swavalambhan Scheme


  • Catering to Unorganized Sector
  • Special Focus on economically disadvantaged/marginal investors
  • Ultra low charge structure
  • Account Opening - Rs 35 (One Time).
  • Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) - Rs 70/Annum.
  • 12 Transactions free per annum.
  • Government to contribute Rs.1000 to each NPS account If :
  • Subscriber is not covered under any other social security schemes like PF ,Pension – only self declaration is required
  • Annual contribution to be the range of Rs.1000-Rs.12000
  • NPS -Swavalamban benefit for 5 yrs


  • Individual accounts for every subscriber
  • Contribution as per convenience of the subscriber
  • No mandatory monthly deposit.
  • Â Recommended minimum Rs. 1000/- per annum.
  • Low charge structure AMC - Rs 70 / Annum
  • Account - Rs 35
  • Investment by professional fund managers overseen by NPS Trust


  • Any Citizen of India, between 18-60 years of age
  • Should comply with KYC(Know your customer norms)


  • Contact the nearest branch.
  • Fill up a registration form
  • Provide KYC Documents
  • Â Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Minimum Contribution of Rs. 100 at the time of registration.
  • Receive “Your” Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) Card.

Exit / Withdrawal from NPS - Swavalamban

Exit before attainment of 60 years of age

  • Subscriber would be required to invest minimum 80 % of accumulated savings(pension wealth) to purchase annuity
  • Subscriber can withdraw balance 20%.

Exit upon attainment of 60 years of age

  • Subscriber would be required to invest minimum 40% of accumulated savings (pension wealth) to purchase annuity
  • At the time of exit the effort is to give a monthly pension of Rs.1000/-. If 40% ofcorpus is not sufficient to give pension of Rs.1000/- entire pension wealth would be subject to annuitisation

Exit due to death of subscriber

  • Entire accumulated pension wealth would be payable to the nominee/legal heirs of the subscriber.

How to get Pension

  • Submit the withdrawal request form at the age of retirement
  • Choose the Cash/Annuity Component
  • Choose your Annuity Service Provider
  • Choose the type of pension required.
  • Provide the Bank account details.
  • Start Receiving Monthly Pension.