Notice to SB/CA/OD /Locker Customers

Notice to SB/CA/OD /Locker Customers

Introduction of new service charges & revision in existing service charges for Savings Account / Current Account /Overdraft Account and Lockers

It has been decided to introduce /revise certain service charges w.e.f. December 1, 2017 which would be applicable to existing and new customers of the Bank.

The details of the various changes are given in Annexure as listed below:

Revision in minimum charges related to non-maintenance of MAB in SB Accounts

Annexure - I

Introduction of charges for services currently not being charged Annexure - II
Service Charges increased in SB, Current and Overdraft Account variants Annexure - III
List of charges being made applicable to HNI and High End Payroll variants Annexure - IV
Revision in locker charges Annexure - V

All the existing charges other than those listed in Annexure would continue.
All the charges would be quoted exclusive of GST.