World / Global Card FAQ

FAQ's for IDBI Bank World Currency Card / Global Currency Card

The minimum amount that can be loaded on the card is US $ 100 or Equivalent amount in other currency. The maximum amount would be as per RBI/FEMA guidelines applicable from time to time.

These cards are valid for a period of 2 years from the date of production. (Marked on the face of the card) & card is not valid for payments in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Our Internet Banking facility allows you to view your transaction details. You can simply log onto I-Net Banking and select cards option to login with your IPIN (Internet Banking PIN), for a complete update on your card. You can also check out the balance remaining on your card through any IDBI Bank ATM in India or any Visa/PLUS ATM /MasterCard/ Maestro/ Cirrus ATMs abroad.

Your IDBI Bank WCC/ GCC is valid for a period of two years. Within this period, you can reload* your card as many times as you like. In case you are reloading your card after you have come back from your trip abroad i.e., before your next trip, you will need to fill up the reload form, pay either by debit to your IDBI Bank account or by cheque and provide a copy of your new air ticket.

If you are abroad, you will be required to fax us the reload form and you can pay either by debit to your IDBI Bank account or by cheque.

  • If you lose your card please call the IDBI Bank Phone Banking centre.
  • If you are in India please call (1-800-22-6999), if you are abroad please call (0091-22- 66937000).
  • Please quote your WCC/ GCC Reference Number and request for the card to be deactivated.

Contact IDBI Branch, request for a Replacement Card to be sent to your current location. However, this will be done only after the Bank verifies your identity.

On receipt of the replacement card you need to contact your Branch and confirm that you have received the card. The Bank will activate your card thereafter.

When you return home, you can either choose to have your balance reimbursed or retain the same on your card for any future trips.

To withdraw the balance, please visit nearest IDBI Bank branch & fill up a simple refund application form. Branch will issue a Pay Order or credit your account on submission of your refund request. In case of WCC is purchased through Money Changer, please visit to the FFMC for claiming the refund.

As per RBI circular (RBI/2011-12/102) dated 02nd April 2012, on the receipt of Refund request from the Customer, Bank will refund outstanding amount remaining in WCC account immediately subject to retention of:

  • The amounts that are authorized and remain unclaimed/ not settled by the acquirers as of the date of redemption till the completion of the respective settlement cycle.
  • A balance not exceeding US$ 100, for meeting any pipeline transactions till the completion of the respective settlement cycle.

Note: Based on RBI regulations, you can retain your card only if the balance remaining is below US$ 2,000 or equivalent in other currency when you trip abroad. If the balance exceeds US$ 2,000, you will have to surrender your card and take back the remaining amount in full within 180 days from the date of arrival.

  • Walk into an IDBI Bank branch
  • Fill out the application form and submit the necessary documents**
  • Pay by cash/cheque
  • Collect your WCC/ GCC on the spot, instantly over the counter.

**Copy of Air Ticket, Passport, Visa, A2 Form, LRS Form, PAN No. or Form 60.

Your WCC/ GCC kit will consist of the following:

  • World Currency Card/ Global Currency Card
  • Usage Guide
  • ATM PIN and Net Banking PIN

If you pay through cash, your card will be activated on the same day. If you pay through cheque, your card will be activated the day the cheque gets cleared.

The IDBI Bank WCC/ GCC is the perfect solution to take care of all your travel needs. So the next time you’re traveling abroad simplify business/leisure travel through IDBI Bank WCC/ GCC.

No Card Charges in INR US $ EURO POUNDS Canadian $ Australian $ Singapore $ UAE- AED Japanese Yen
1 Initial Card fee Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150 Rs. 150
2 Reload fee Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75 Rs. 75
3 Replacement fee Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges Rs. 100 + courier charges
4 Foreign Exchange rates As per rate determined by IDBI Bank
5 Transactional charges in respective currency
  a) Cash withdrawal 1.5 1.5 1 2.76 3.3 3.86 5.25 140
  b) Balance inquiry 0.55 0.44 0.33 0.66 0.77 0.88 1.93 50
6 Cross Currency Conversion As per rate determined by Visa / MasterCard/ IDBI Bank.

These charges are subject to change from time to time

Currency ATM cash withdrawal  limit POS & E-com limit
USD 3000 20000
GBP 2500 20000
EUR 2500 20000
SGD 3000 20000
AUD 4000 20000
CAD 4000 20000
AED 10000 20000
JPY 300000 1800000