International Debit Card FAQ

FAQ's about International Debit card-IDBI Bank International Debit Card FAQ's

A Debit Card is a card that gives you online access to your Bank Account. The IDBI Bank International Debit-cum-ATM Card allows you to purchase goods at Merchant Establishments and also gives you the freedom to withdraw cash from ATMs in India and abroad. You can also use your Debit Card online for shopping, booking air/rail/movie tickets & utility bill payments.

A Debit Card is a buy now, pay now option while a Credit Card is a buy now, and pay later option. Therefore with a Debit Card there is no monthly repayment and hence no interest is charged. A Debit Card gives you all the convenience of a Credit Card and helps you regulate your spending.

There are no monthly outstanding in the case of Debit Card. Your account will be instantly debited to the extent of purchases made or the amount withdrawn from ATMs on the Debit Card.

The main benefit of being a Debit cardholder is that you enjoy unparalleled access to your account whenever you want, wherever you go. Besides, you can control your finances since the balance in your account determines your spending limit. Benefits of the IDBI Bank International Debit-cum-ATM Card are:

  • Avail of fabulous discounts at Merchant Establishments
  • Loyalty points on usage at Point of Sale terminals (including online transactions)
  • Insurance Cover on Debit Cards to mitigate financial losses.
Location Domestic International Transaction type
All IDBI Bank ATMs Over 1660  Not Applicable For all ATM transactions
Shared Network ATMs Over 1 lakh Over 18 lakh For Balance Inquiry & Cash withdrawal
Merchant Locations Over 5.70 lakh Over 29 million For purchases
Merchant Locations Cash at POS facility - Cash Withdrawal max. Rs -1000/- per day per card

Your Visa Electron/ Visa Flag and MasterCard Debit Card is accepted at:

  • All Merchant Establishment displaying the Visa Electron/ Visa Flag and MasterCard Logo
  • All ATMs displaying the Visa /PLUSlogo and MasterCard logo

Note:Your IDBI Bank International Debit-cum-ATM Card can be used for making Online payments/Purchases through the Internet only with an additional Second Factor Authorization (as mandated by RBI).  

This card is being offered at a special discounted price of Rs. 110/- inclusive of S.Tax per annum which is free for first year and chargeable second year onwards. However, please refer to schedule of facilities (SOF) of your account for details of service charges / fee.

If your IDBI Bank International Debit-cum-ATM Card gets lost/stolen, you are protected from fraudulent charges from the moment you report the loss to the Bank. If your card is lost/stolen in India you have the following options: Call 1-800-22-6999 (24-hour toll-free number) immediately and report the loss. If you do not have access to the above number, then call our Phone Banking Centre. For MTNL / BSNL Customers call: 1800-22-1070 and for Other Customers call: 1800-209-4324. Your Debit Card will be deactivated immediately to prevent misuse. If your card is lost/stolen while you are overseas please call 022-66937000 or you can also call the Visa/ MasterCard Global Emergency help line numbers hosted on their website. It is also advisable that you report the loss in writing to the Bank at the address/fax number, which will be communicated, to you by the Phone Banking executive. Additionally, you must report the loss/theft of the Card to the nearest local police authorities, and forward a copy of the FIR to the Bank.

  • There is no charge if the card is used at an IDBI Bank ATM
  • There are no transaction charges for using the card at a Merchant location in India.However,for international transactions (ATM & POS both), there will be cross currency mark up of 3.5%. However, for use at Petrol pumps/outlets, a surcharge of 2.81% of the purchase value shall be applicable as per industry standards. For railway transactions, the surcharge will be levied at 2.5% of the transaction amount plus taxes as applicable.
  • Charges at other Bank ATMs:

    For Savings A/c Customers

    First 5 Financial/Non-Financial* transactions per month- FREE

    Thereafter, Cash Withdrawal: Charge of Rs. 20/- per transaction

    Balance enquiry: Rs 8/- per transaction

    For Current A/c Customers – Chargeable from first transaction
    Cash Withdrawal: Rs. 20/- per transaction
    Balance enquiry: Rs. 8/- per transaction
    Charges at International ATM locations
    Cash Withdrawal – Rs. 140 per transaction**
    Balance Inquiry – Rs. 30 per transaction**
    *Financial Transaction (Cash withdrawal)  & non-financial transaction (Balance Enquiry, PIN Change & Mini statement)
    **Please refer to schedule of facilities (SOF) of your account for details of service charges / fee.

You can link up to 4 accounts to your Debit Card.

There is a charge of Rs. 110 inclusive of for replacement of a lost/stolen card.

For your security we have daily limits on the use of the card at ATMs and Merchant Locations.

Limit Per Day / Per Card
ATMs Rs. 25,000/-
POS Rs. 25,000/-

Note: Limits are per day and per card. Limits are subject to the available balance in your account. Please refer to the daily limits as mentioned in schedule of facilities (SOF) of your account.

The Debit Card is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue of the card which is marked on the card front.

You can request the Merchant Establishment to charge your purchase as two separate transactions. The transaction on your Debit Card will be valid as long as the available balance in your account covers it. (Daily Limits are applicable).

There is no credit limit; you can only make purchases/withdrawal up to the available balance in your account (Daily Limits on the card are applicable).

No. Only cleared funds available in your account can be accessed through your Debit Card.

It is recommended to retain a copy of your charge slip and verify it against your account statement.

Open a Savings/Current Account* with IDBI Bank today and get an International Debit-cum-ATM Card.

Note:* Conditions apply

In order to safeguard your interests the Bank will be sending you an inactive Debit Card and will be sending your PIN separately. Your Card will get activated on its 1st use at any Bank ATM.

Additional cards are available to Joint Account holders. However, the operating instructions on the account should allow for financial transactions to be conducted by the Joint Account holders.