Money Transfer Services

Money Transfer Services

Money Transfer Service is a quick and easy way of making personal remittances from abroad to beneficiaries in India. These have been approved by the Reserve Bank of India & is available only for inward remittances to India.

To remit money, you would need to visit your nearest Western Union / Moneygram / Xpressmoney Send Agent. Please visit their respective websites for details. Once the transaction is processed by the sender agent, contact the beneficiary and provide him the reference number.

Visit your nearest IDBI Bank Branch with Photo Id & Address Proof, fill up the Receive Form & collect the payment.

Any one of the below mentioned Photo Ids:

  • i) Passport
  • ii) Driving License
  • iii) Ration Card with Photo
  • iv) Bank account passbook with Photo


Any one of the below mentioned Photo Ids together with an address proof such as electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bill etc.

  • i) Voter Identity Card
  • ii) Permanent Account (PAN) Card

Only personal remittances towards family maintenance and remittances favouring foreign tourists visiting India are permitted under this scheme. Trade related remittances, remittances towards purchase of property, investment or credit to NRE/FCNR a/c or donations /contributions to charitable organizations are not permitted.

Any single remittance should not exceed USD 2500 or its equivalent. Also, the number of remittances to a single individual should not be more than 30 in a year

The maximum amount that can be received in cash is Rs. 50,000. In case the amount of remittance exceeds Rs. 50,000, the full amount will be paid by way of Pay Order or by directly crediting the account of the beneficiary (if account is maintained with the Bank's branch).