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Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQ > Mobile Banking FAQ

24 hour mobile banking queries-IDBI Bank mobile banking FAQ's


How do I register and avail of the service?


A. Follow the below mentioned simple steps:

  1. a. Register for the Mobile Banking service by submitting the duly completed Channel Registration Form (click here to download) at your nearest IDBI Bank branch.

  2. b. On successful registration, you will receive a Mobile Banking activation message by SMS on your registered mobile number. Visit the Bank’s website www.idbibank.com and click on 'Set Password Online' link to create your password and set channel/transaction access rights.

  3. c. Type the following link: m.idbibank.com on your mobile internet browser after generating the password and access Mobile Banking services (browser version).



What are the various services available?


A. In the browser version of Mobile Banking, the following banking services are available:

  1. 1. Accounts &Demat Inquiries

  2. 2. Bill Payment Services

  3. 3. IMPS (Immediate Payment Service)

  4. 4. Fund Transfer to Self and Third party a/c holder within the Bank

  5. 5. Fund Transfer to other Bank a/c holders through NEFT

  6. 6. Account Dashboard (Summary view of all accounts)

  7. 7. Mobile and DTH Recharge

  8. 8. Visa Card Payments

  9. 9. Cheque Book Request

  10. 10. Stop Cheque Payment


What is the daily transaction limit for the service?


A. The daily transaction (consolidated) limitof Rs. 25000/- per day will apply for all type of transactions under the browser channel.


What security features does the mobile banking (browser version) have?


A. Mobile browser based banking is very similar to PC based internet banking. The respective mobile handset browser replaces a PC browser to access the banking services. Some of the important security measures in place are 128 bit SSL from VeriSign, https:// based access, Intrusion detection system (IDS) etc. which ensures higher security of transacting over this channel.

An enhanced security feature in the form of a dynamic SMS based OTP (one-time password) for every transaction / beneficiary registration is also in place to provide a more secure mobile banking experience.


How does the dynamic SMS based OTP work?


A. Every user is mandatorily required to first generate a 5 digit OTP (delivered via SMS) before initiating a Funds Transfer (FT) transaction or registering a new Funds Transfer Beneficiary. The transaction screen will prompt the user to input this OTP instead of a transaction password. The OTP will be valid for 30 minutes only (from the generated time) and for a single transaction or for a singlebeneficiary registration.


Do I need to input a Transaction Password?


A. No. As mentioned above,the transaction password has been replaced by a dynamic SMS based OTP.


What are the technical requirements / mobile handset capability to avail of the service?


A. In order to avail of the browser based mobile banking facility, the user should have a GPRS enabled handset (handset with internet connectivity i.e. either a 2G or 3G internet access plan). Even basic handset models can access the service with in-built browser support.


Will I be able to use my Internet Banking password on the Mobile Banking channel as well?


A. No, for Mobile Banking, a fresh password will be issued. Though there is no system based restrictions in keeping both the channel passwords the same, it is strongly recommended to keep different passwords for each channel.


Will Mobile Banking be made available on other platforms like USSD, downloadable application etc.?


A. In addition to the browser version, the mobile banking service will also be shortly made available through the following mobile platforms namely USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), Client based downloadable Application.


Will the Biller registrations / Beneficiaries added on the I-Net Banking Channel be visible on the Mobile Banking Channel?


A. Yes, all biller registrations / beneficiaries added on the existing I-Net banking channel will be visible on the mobile banking channel and vice versa (except for third party beneficiary registrations within the Bank, which will also be visible in due course).


Can I use the existing SMS Banking as well as the Browser version?


A. Yes, existing SMS Banking users can also use the Browser version by submitting the Channel Registration Form.


What are the Do’s and Don’ts for the use of Browser Based Mobile Banking?


A. Please follow the below mentioned Do’s and Don’ts while using Browser Based Mobile Banking.

Do’s: -

  • • Always check for the URL as “m.idbibank.com” to access Mobile Banking from the mobile devices.

  • • Always Log out of your Mobile Banking session by selecting "Logout" button and exit/close the browser after logging out.

  • • Disable the auto capture/remember password in your mobile browser.

  • • Clear browser data and cache from your browser cookies frequently.

  • • Always change your Mobile Banking password periodically

Don’ts: -
  • • Don't store your Mobile Banking user id and passwords in mobile devices.

  • • Do not click on any link on third party websites or email/SMS to access m.idbibank.com

  • • Don't click on "Back" button on the mobile browser to go back use the navigation links within the application.

  • • Don't enter Mobile Banking User ID and Password/s on any third party websites other than on m.idbibank.com.

  • • Don't connect your mobile device through an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

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