Cash Card FAQ

Cash card queries - IDBI Bank Cash card FAQ's
  • Cash Card is a rupee denominated pre-paid Visa Flag card.
  • Valid for a period of 2 years from the date of issue (marked on the face of the card).
  • Can be used to make purchases at over 5.50 lakh establishments in India. It can also be used to withdraw cash from over 1660 IDBI Bank ATMs and all shared network ATMs in India.
  • Can be used more than once. The card can be used to make repeated purchases/withdrawals till the specified value on the card has been spent.

Benefits to the Corporate:

  • Hassle free alternative for
  • a) Reimbursements to employees
  • b) Salary disbursements
  • c) Incentive payment to employees / staff.
  • No Account Required. Need not be a customer of the bank. KYC norms needs to be fulfilled.
  • Convenient alternative to demand drafts, cheques or cash disbursements to employees/staff.
  • No reconciliation problems
  • Reloadable-which means you can disburse more cash to the same employee/staff as and when required upto Rs. 50,000/-, as per the requirement of the corporate
  • There is a charge of Rs. 150/- per card at the time of issue. For every reload, a fee of Rs.10/- per card needs to be paid.
  • There is no charge for transactions at IDBI Bank ATMs but Rs. 20/- per transaction will be charged for all cash withdrawal transactions and Rs. 8/- for all Balance Inquiry transactions on any other Bank ATMs in India.
  • There is no charge if the card is used at a Merchant Establishment for purchases. However, for use at Petrol Pumps and Railway Stations, a surcharge of 2.5% + Service Tax of the purchase value shall be applicable as per industry standards.
  • If you lose your card please call the IDBI Bank Phone Banking centre. Outer envelope (sealed), which has a Cash Card Reference Number (this number is to be quoted for claiming unutilized balances).
  • Welcome letter with Cash Card pasted on it.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Original Purchaser or the Recipient of the Cash Card may report a card as lost. All you need to do is call up IDBI’s Phone Banking centre 1-800-22-6999 and quote the Cash card reference number mentioned on the card mailer. The card will be deactivated immediately to prevent misuse. For MTNL / BSNL Customers call: 1800-22-1070 and for Other Customers call: 1800-209-4324.
  • Any unutilized balance less than Rs. 100/- will lapse on expiry of the card. Any unutilized balance greater than Rs 100/- will be returned to the original purchaser of the card.
  • The original purchaser can fill out a form asking for a refund of the unutilized amount on the card, post expiry of the card.
  • The bank will deduct a service charge of Rs. 50/- and issue a pay order to the original purchaser or credit its account for the remaining balance.
  • All such claim have to be made within 3 months of expiry of the card.