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  • Loan to Small Road and Water Transport Operators
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Loan to Small Road and Water
Transport Operators – IDBI Bank


Road & Water Transport Operators play a key role in the socio-economic development of the nation by providing transport and communication services to the society in general and the industry in particular. This product enables various transport operators to acquire small fleets of vehicles/ vessels by offering competitive and convenient solutions.

The details of the product are mentioned below:
Eligible Segments
  • All goods / passenger transport vehicles including light Commercial vehicles, auto-rickshaws, taxi-cars, motor-buses and Trucks

  • Small refrigerated vans, bulk carriers for carrying petroleum/ edible oil

  • Water transport units such as small boats, launches, etc.

  • Borrower must have relevant prior experience in transport business

  • Term loan

  • Cash Credit/ Overdraft

  • Bank Guarantee

Loan Amount
  • Min. Rs. 1,00,000/-

  • Max. Rs. 2 crore

  • OD/ CC/ BG – 12 months

  • TL – Up to 5 years.


Interest Rate linked to Bank Base Rate and Rating

  • Exclusive Charge on assets financed

  • Collateral security inform of immovable/liquid security based on nature of loan


Personal guarantees of the promoter directors in case of limited companies


Depending upon the nature of the facilities

Processing Charges

Up to 1% of the loan amount.