Financing to Farmer Producer Companies/FPOs

Financing to Farmer Producer Companies / FPOs


The program is aimed at providing loan support to Farmer Producer Collectives (FPC) & Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) of small and marginal farmers. FPC/FPO are formed to organize small & marginal farmers for (a) backward linkage for inputs like seeds, fertilizers, credit, insurance and extension services and (b) forward linkages such as collective marketing, processing, market -led agriculture production, etc. to gain collective bargaining power.

Who is eligible for the Loan?

Farmer Producer Company (FPC) & Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) - Registered societies & Trusts.

Loan Amount:

Minimum-Rs.50000/-, Maximum Rs.200 lakh

FPC cases up to Rs.100 lakh covered under credit guarantee scheme of SFAC Cases above Rs. 100 lakh are
Cases above Rs. 100 lakh are considered under regular AGRI/ MSE product with collateral coverage of minimum 100 % of loan amount.


Term Loan: Maximum 3-8 years depending upon the purpose of investment, economic life of asset and cash flow of the activity.