Warehouse Receipt Finance

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Warehouse Receipt Finance


The Bank extends financial assistance to farmers, partnership firms and limited companies against pledge of agricultural commodities. Farmers who want to store their produce in warehouses to avoid distress sale immediately after harvest, Processors/ Traders who want to procure large quantities of produce during the season and process / sell over a period of time can benefit from the scheme.

Who is eligible for the Loan?

Individual farmers, Traders, Firms, Companies engaged in agri allied activities, FPC, FPO & Food and agro processing units.

Eligible Commodity

Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Mustard, Cotton (including bales), Castor, Turmeric etc.

Loan Amount

  • Farmer: Maximum amount of Rs. 50 lakh
  • raders: Maximum amount of Rs. 10 crore
  • Processor: Maximum amount of Rs. 15 crore


Short Term Loan- Maximum of 12 months from the date lodging commodities or shelf life of the product.

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