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Mutual fund is made up of pools of funds collected from many investors for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market etc. for capital gain. With IDBI Bank you can invest in Mutual funds with a view to achieve and accomplish your financial goals/objectives.

Advantages of Investing in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are regulated by SEBI, to safeguard the investor's interest.

Tax Benefits

No long term Capital Gain Tax – if units held for more than 1 year. Tax-free dividends.


Most open-ended funds redeem within 3 working days at the current NAV.


Easy to invest and easy to redeem.

Risk Diversification

Diversified portfolio leads to risk control, investments across various industries & stocks.


Offers features like systematic investment plan, systematic transfer plan & systematic withdrawal plan. Most funds allow switching between funds, e.g. from debt to equity etc.


Declaration of NAV daily and disclosure of portfolio on regular basis.

Professional Management

Funds are managed by proficient fund managers.

How To Apply

Applying for a Mutual Funds in 3 easy steps.

01. Get In Touch

Call on our Phone Banking numbers Toll Free -

(24x7 service)

02. Visit Our Branch

Visit the nearest branch.

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03. Receive a Call Back

Our representative will contact you at the earliest.

Risk Factor IDBI Bank offers only distribution services and the decision for investing would be at the sole risk and responsibility of the customer.

Risk factor: Mutual funds and securities investments are subject to market risk & there is no assurance or guarantee that the objective of the schemes will be achieved. Please refer to the offer document for scheme specific risk factors before investing. This document does not purport to be an advice to purchase mutual fund units.