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Microfinance Loans to individuals and members of Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)


IDBI Bank offers collateral free microfinance to Individual/s belonging to low income household having annul income upto Rs.3,00,000. It is designed not only to support entrepreneurship and elevate poverty, but also to empower women and uplift communities by extending financial services.


Individual/s and members of Joint Liability Group having household annual income upto Rs.3,00,000.

Loan Amount

Minimum: Rs.0.10 Lakh.
Maximum: Rs.1.50 Lakh*
*Maximum loan will be restricted to 50% monthly repayment obligation of household as a percentage of monthly household income.

Term Loan

Minimum: 12 months
Maximum: 60 months

Cash Credit

Three years with annual review.

Micro Loan for Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Joint Liability Groups (JLGs)


IDBI Bank extends financial assistance through SHGs/JLGs in the form of small loans (micro loans) to borrowers. It is designed to support entrepreneurship and to empower women by extending financial services.


Members of SHGs/JLGs and SHGs, JLGs for consumption and income generating activities.

Consumption Loan

Loan not exceeding Rs.2.00 Lakh to SHGs/JLGs for activities other than agriculture or MSME viz. loan for meeting social needs, construction or repairing of house, construction of toilets or any viable common activity started by SHGs.

Loan Amount
Group Type Minimum Maximum
SHGs Min. 6 times of existing corpus or min. of Rs.1.5 lakh, whichever is higher Rs.20 lakh
JLGs Rs.0.10 lakh Loan to group will be Rs.2 lakh per member or Rs.10 lakh whichever is lower

*maximum loan to SHGs/JLGs sourced through Corporate BCBF route is Rs.25 lakh.

Repayment Period
i) Term Loan
Group Type Minimum Maximum
SHGs 24 months 84 month
JLGs 12 months 84 months
ii) For CC : 5 years with annual review
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Fair Practice Codes (FPC)
Fair Practice Codes (FPC)


Rate of Interest for Microfinance Loans

A microfinance loan is defined as a collateral-free loan, irrespective of end use and mode of application/processing/disbursal (either through physical or digital channels), provided to a household having annual household income up to Rs.3,00,000. The household shall mean an individual family unit, i.e., husband, wife and their unmarried children.

Rate of Interest for Microfinance Loans
Minimum 15.45%
Maximum 26%
Average 20.72%