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IDBI Bank in association with PayMate has introduced, a revolutionary Mobile Phone based payment service, which allows you to use your mobile phone as your e-wallet to make easy and secure payments while shopping online or over the counter to accredited merchants who accept such payments.

You can use this service at any of PayMate's over 13,000 accredited merchants consisting of online portals, leading voice portals and some key retail chains, This list of merchants is growing rapidly. You will also be able to buy movie & flight tickets, send flowers & gifts, pay for your utility bills & subscriptions & even pay at your favourite restaurant or retail store, simply through your mobile. Payments happen instantly and are charged to your linked savings or current account. It is completely safe and secure as you do not have to disclose your card number or CVV number unlike a card transaction.

All you need is a mobile phone and a savings or current account with IDBI Bank. To register for this service and get started, Customers can enroll for this revolutionary service by submitting a Registration form at our nearest branch or through Internet Banking / ATM.

This service can be accessed through any mobile phone or through any mobile operator. PayMate works on even the most basic phone (GSM or CDMA) and does not require any mobile operator registration.The service is available for both post paid as well as prepaid mobile connections

No. It's a simple IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based service which is extremely easy and cost effective

Absolutely secure. Since you register for PayMate with your bank and not any third party vendor, your Bank account and other personal details remain within the Bank. Also as you do not reveal your card number, there is no possibility of it being misused.

As soon as you register for this service through submission of the registration form, you will receive a temporary 4 digit PIN via SMS on the registered mobile number. You will be prompted to immediately change the PIN over a secure IVR call before you initiate your first payment. Please note that unless you change your initially allotted 4 digit PIN, no transactions will be processed.

Sure. You can change the PIN any number of times as you wish. To change the PIN, SMS ‘CP’ to 9870900876

You never disclose your account/card details, expiry date, CVV number etc to anyone. Each transaction has to be authorized by your 4-digit PIN which is known only to you. The PIN needs to be sent from your mobile number only thereby ensuring that you are the one authorizing the transaction.

Unless someone knows your PayMate PIN, there's no way your lost or stolen phone can be misused for making payments. Please note to memorise your PIN and not store it anywhere on your mobile phone. In case you lose your mobile phone, the first thing you would do is call your operator and get the SIM deactivated. Once this is done, the phone is not capable of making payments. Alternatively you may call the Bank on its toll free numbers and get the service temporarily de-activated.

It does not matter since the person cannot do a transaction unless he or she has your 4 digit mobile PIN and authorizations must happen from your mobile number only.

Once you choose to pay via PayMate at any of the accredited merchants, all you have to share is your mobile number. You will instantly receive an IVR call asking for authorization of the payment by entering your 4 digit PIN. Once you reply to this call, within a few seconds your bank will authenticate the details and debit the amount to your account. You will instantly receive a confirmation of the same via SMS and the merchants system will also get updated with the status.

While making the payment, all you need to do is to enter your PIN over a secure IVR call received at the time of payment.

No. Currently, a mobile number can be linked to only one savings or current account that you opt for at the time of registration.

In case of dispute on the product, you need to get in touch with the merchant & follow the process as you would in case of a cash or card purchase. In case of dispute in the amount charged, you have to get in touch with the bank and the same guidelines would apply as for any card based transaction.

You may call your bank and submit a letter intimating the change and modify the old number with the new one so that your account is de-linked from the old mobile number and linked to the new one.

Daily limits as per RBI guidelines will apply which currently are Rs. 10,000/- per day for purchase of goods and services.

In case of any additional queries or concerns, you can call our toll free Phone Banking number (for BSNL/MTNL: 1800 – 22 – 1070 and for Others: 1800 – 200 - 1947).

This service is offered by the Bank to its customers absolutely free of charge. However, the merchant may charge applicable courier or handling charges for dispatch of the product to the mailing address of the customer (in the case of online purchases). It is to be noted that such courier/handling charges, if any, charged by the merchant are payable irrespective of the mode of payment and are not specific to the PayMate transaction.